Sunday, March 1, 2009

World’s Cheapest Car- NANO


Now the dream comes true. The World’s Cheapest Car TATA NANO is going to launch on 23rd March 2009. Nano will be launched in Bombay. On Car launching is drawing world-wide attraction because it is the cheapest car in the world, prizing around 1,00,000(INR). This price is the dealer price, on this price value added tax and transport charges will be applied. But it will display at Tata Motors Dealers from the first week of April 2009. And From the second week of the same month Booking will starts.

Tata Nano was announced as the world’s cheapest car by Ratan Tata before five years ago. And at that time steel prices and other related items prices were lower than today. Therefore the price of Nano was expected more than one lacks. But Once Rata Tata told that he will manufacture the one lac car for people. And on 23rd March 2009 he is going to prove what he said, he had done. Nano will available in three different models, there is one model in standard variant and two models with air-condition in deluxe model.

Let’s see the features of Tata Nano


Tata Nano stands in an Entry level of car segment. It has 624 CC petrol engine with 33 bhp. It has 4 speed manual transmissions. It will gives the mileage of 23 kmpl. This makes Nano a fuel affiance car. Nano has features of Bharat Stage 3 segment. About the pollution matter Nano generates pollution less than the two-wheelers. Nano can store 30 liter fuel in it’s fuel tank. The car has Front disk brakes and rear drum bakes. Tata gives an option to choose between air conditioner and without air-conditioner models. There is no power steering facility in any model of Tata Nano. Tata had used basic shock absorbers in Nano.

On the dashboard of Nano, there is fuel Speedo meter, fuel meter, oil indicator at the middle of the Dash board. It’s length is 8% shorter than Maruti 800. But it had more leg space than Maruti 800.

In 1983 Maruti 800 launched and it had change the small – entry level car market. Now Tata Nano is available at about half prized of Maruti 800. If Tata Nano will be successful then it will change the entry level car market again after Maruti 800, and may be to help Indian auto industry in financial crises.

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