Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Used Car Buying tips- Engine Check-up

Used Car- internal Check-up

Seats and Interior
Make sure that the seats are comfortable. The interior finishing quality, Dash board, Accelerate, Break and Clutch Pedals are working properly or not.

Electric Systems
Test the head lights, internal light, tail light, side light and hazard are working, Speedometer and odometer. Audio system wireless central lock systems, Air

conditioner, Heater, Wipers, power window are running correctly.

Engine & Engine Cooling System (Radiator)
Open the bonnet and make sure that there is no leakage of oil or any other liquids from engine and other parts. If found leakage, it means owner is not servicing the used car regularly. Start the engine and check for unnecessary sound. If any unnecessary sound heard, there is some problem with engine.
It is the most important thing, if the engine does not cool down it may harm your engine badly.

Check out the engine cooling system means the radiator is working accurately. At the time of test drive make sure that the engine cooling indicator may not cross more than 50%. If it crosses it means engine cooling system is not working properly.

Engine oil Levels & Pressure
Check the engine oil, if you found low oil level it means that the engine use more oil than required. This indicates bad condition of the used cars engine.

To check the Engine oil pressure start the engine, if there is low pressure of engine oil it will indicate within 3 or 4 seconds at the indicate panel. Low pressure is the sign of poorer engine quality.
If you found that type problems of used cars engine, the used car owner had not maintain his car regularly.

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