Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Used Cars - Buying tips - Used Car Check-up list

Car check-up, Observe the used car

Check the used car as follow.

Car Body
Give first preference to see the used car in daylight. See the used car from different direction and distance. Look that any scratches taken placed, cracks, paint overlapping, damage etc, if you found this type of thing it means the used car had met with an accident. See the interior and roof also. Car bonnet is not fit correctly is also a sign of accident. But if you still want to buy it then check out that any criminal-accident report with this register number.

Car’s Tyre
If you found that the car tyre worm out from one side it is a sign of poor wheel
alignment. Don’t forget to check the spare wheel also.

Car suspension
Drive the car Push down the used car by press your hand at the corner of the used car bonnet. Check that some unnecessary sound heard, car does not up and down for more time. If this happen it means that the car’s suspension does not work properly.

A Good conditioned Door does not need much force for open and close. Check it by open and close do this twice or more time if necessary. Check out that the door handle and lock (and central lock) is working properly or not. Up and down the window, also check the window closing level. Don’t miss to check the seat belt and its lock.

Car balance
While driving if the car should lean in any direction it means the car, tire balance or wheel alignment is not done properly. In some cases, chase alignment may also the reason.

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