Monday, January 18, 2010

Used Car Buying tips - How to buy?

Used Cars buying Hints

Car Selection & Budget
Normally people had made-up their mind to buy a particular type of car. And mostly budget is the main problem. So you have to maintain the balance between Car Selection and you budget. If you like Honda City then also check out some other automobile companies sedan car, like Maruti Suzuki SX4, Tata indigo etc. Your budget is low for some specific brand switch to another.

Collect information
To buy used cars the more you research the more you will save your money. If you are confused about selecting a car type, where to buy it then collect information from colleagues, used cars dealer, Read magazines and study it.

Where to buy a used car
There are many options available in the market to buy any companies’ used car. Direct from the car owner, used car dealer and nowadays automobile companies sell their used car by organizing events. To buy a used car from a private car owner will be cheaper than the other two options, but it not gives you any warranty. Not all used car dealer will gives
you warranty but their cost higher than the car owner.

Automobiles Company will give you all that you want. They after sales service are very nice. They gives you warranty for some years, offers you free services. Some company organizes free used car check-up camps. This option will cost you little more than others but its makes you tension free genuine deal.

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